Monday, October 31, 2016

3D Class Week 10 Creating A Medium Complexity Character Part 01 GameRes Model and UV's

3D Class Week 10 Creating A Medium Complexity Character Part 01 GameRes Model and UV's

This week we were assigned with making a starfish character base mesh in maya and modeling some props for this character. This assignment was extremely hard for me. If I hadn't of followed the video my base mesh would have probably turned out really bad. Its not easy making organic looking things in maya. For the props that I modeled, I made a sword and a hook for my star fish. 

Setting up Scale in Maya

Setting Up Uv's

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2D Class Week 09 Shape Language

2D Class Week 09 Shape Language

This week we focused on shape language and different shapes of characters. I was tasked this week with making the proxy shapes for the character. Will made some awesome silhouettes for me to go off of and our team decided that I should make the 7th image on the silhouette. I started out making that silhouette while also looking at our pinterest and other reference images to go off of. After making the proxy shape character, it was decided that my model wasn't Tim Burton enough and so then we went back to the drawing board and refined what we wanted to do and came out with a better vision for the Tinman. This proxy was drawn over by Will and Leah and then Boo ended up making the newer proxy. Images bellow.

First thing to do was to set up a since of scale for our Tinman.

Setting up reference planes for the block out of this character.

My finished proxy character that we iterated on.

Monday, October 24, 2016

3D Class Week 09 Create a Simple Organic Model

3D Class Week 09 Create a Simple Organic Model

 This week we were assigned to make one fully organic model that we previously took a few weeks to make. I decided to make the one of the fish that I thought looked really cool. Kinda looked like a barricuda.

Setting up reference planes and scale in maya.

Setting up UV's

Zbrush Sculpt

Substance Painter images

Unreal engine

Sunday, October 16, 2016

3D Class Week 08 Working in a Game Engine With Final Prop

3D Class Working in a Game Engine With Final Prop

This week we baked out our textures from substance painter and imported them into unreal. We then set up materials and material instances for our cannon.

Friday, October 14, 2016

3D Class Week 07 Bake Maps and Digital Painting for a Prop

3D Class Week 07 Bake Maps and Digital Painting for a Prop

This Week we took our high and low poly models and baked out maps for them in substance painter. We then textured our models in substance painter and lastly we used substance painters i-ray rendering to render out some shots of our cannon. I was going for a underwater cannon with barnacles and algae growing on it. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Team Tinman

Team Tinman
For this assignment we were split up into groups and assigned to make the Wizard of Oz Tinman in a Tim Burton style. My group is Leah, William, Yan, Boo, Kay, and myself included. We worked in a group and found reference that we compilied on pinterest. We then were assigned to do 2 different boards per person in our group. I was assigned to do color and the original background of the Tin Man. Shout outs to Leah for being a great team lead!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

2D Class Week 07 Basic Lighting

2D Class Week 07 Basic Lighting

This week we were assigned to do a digital painting of an asset that we chose. We lite the item with a 3 point lighting set up and then had to digitally reproduce what we saw. 2d has always been a hard thing for me to grasp and this week is no different. I started out by converting my image to black and white so that I could try and get the values right for the lighting. I then added color after I felt like I had the value right. The asset I drew was a rubber duck that I borrowed from Yen.

 This is a reference image of 3 point lighting with bounce lighting from the cubes on the head mesh.

This is what I ended up recreating for this assignment.

This is me laying out the shading of the image before I start using the cotton ball smudge to mix everything together.
This is the image after I mixed all of the grey values together.
This took about 5 hours

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2D Class Week 06 Value

2D Class Week 06 Value

For this week of the assignment we focused on value range. We got an image from the concept artist Matt Rhodes and used it for our value range. We also chose a a lightning direction and had to shade from that direction. Value is an extremely hard challenge for me so this assignment was pretty hard. This assignment took me about 5 hours to do.

Monday, October 3, 2016

3D Class Week 06 UV and Digital Sculpting for a Prop

3D Class Week 06 UV and Digital Sculpting for a Prop

This week we were tasked with uving our cannon that we made from the previous week and adding support loops to our low res cannon to make a high res for digital sculpting. We then imported the cannon into Zbrush to added lots of detail to the mesh which we will soon bake out maps for our low res mesh.

Here are some screen shots of the model before it was imported into Zbrush.

Next I took the mesh into Zbrush and sculpted my high res detail onto the cannon. I put in some noise and cracks and I also tried to model in some barnicles using the layer brush to push the geometry out and then dug back in with the layer brush also.

I then decemated the mesh using decimation master and got it done to about 2 million tris.