Sunday, February 4, 2018

Rusty Metal

Just finished up a tutorial on substance academy about rusty metal. Just trying to understand the program more. It seems like if I get the hang of this program it could be a lot of fun. First material I made is a rusty metal. I then took that and brought it into Marmoset to render with tessellation.

Rusty Metal

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Substance Designer

So, I want to take a step back this week and focus on some substance designer. I've been trying to get into this program for awhile, but things just weren't sticking with the time I had. I'm going to be going through as many tutorials as I can till it sticks this time round. Thats what I will be focusing on and then I will come back to my small environment once I've got the hang of substance designer.

Thx for checking this out

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Start of Caravan Environment

So I finished my caravan and I've decided that I wanted to put it into an environment. I started looking for reference and what type of environment I wanted to put it in. I know that I wanted the caravan to be one of the bigger focal points of this project, so I decided to go with a more dark spooky environment with fog out in the distance leading to an unknown. I found a pretty cool reference image that Ill be working off of so it should be a lot of fun. I'm breaking down my reference into smaller manageable pieces so that I don't get overwhelmed from the beginning. Ill post the reference image below, and also the small break down of it. Right now I am focusing more on the bigger things in the environment like trees, the road and some tiling materials. I will be worrying about bushes and plants a little later once I like the bigger objects in the scene.

Reference Image + Breakdown

Thanks For Checking it out. Ill have a block in for maya real soon.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Caravan Finished

So, I finished up my caravan and I learned a lot and grew a lot while working on this project and running into issues and having to solve them. I learned how to bake in marmoset and that was a lot of fun and I think my texturing has improved, so I'm happy with this project. There is definitely stuff that I could go back and fix, but overall I am happy with the outcome.

Unreal Engine Shots

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Update Caravan

Just updating my caravan. It took a lot longer because I decided to give Marmoset Toolbags Baking a try and learn the program. I really like Marmosets Baking because of its Cage system, which I thought was really nice. I might have to implement it into my pipeline for now on. I also jumped into substance and textured the caravan. Images below. Ill update again once I get it into unreal.

Substance Screen Shots

Substance Iray Renders

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Unreal Engine Shots

Unreal Engine Shots

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Thursday, November 16, 2017


Sorry, I'm a little late on posting this week. I've just been working on some high res sculpts for my personal piece and I've also been working on baking them and getting them into engine. I finally have some pretty good looking stuff in my scene, and that's what I'll be showing. I still need to actually work on lighting and finishing up some more high polys for this scene. I'm really excited to see how this is coming along though. Thx for checking it out

 Thanks Again

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Personal Project/ 3D Print Class

Personal Project

So this week I started on some high polys for my personal project, and some things I ran into trouble, and others went really smoothly. I've also been trying to learn the zmodeler brush more so that I don't have to leave zbrush and can just stay in the program instead of switching back and forth between maya and zbrush. Its a really awesome brush that can do so much its freaking awesome!!! Below I have some screenshots labeled with the asset name(highpolys).

Emergency exit hatch door high poly

Space Suit Pod High Poly

Some high-poly floor panels


3D Print Class

So this week for the 3d Print class I had to make rocks and boy was that harder than I thought lol. If there is one thing I learned from making rocks, the trim smooth border brush is god like with a square alpha equipped.(Update) Trim Smooth Border brush can be found in the brushes tab under LightBox in the Trim Folder. Definitely recommend it for making rocks. Another thing about making rocks for table top was that we wanted to have rocks that people could place their characters on so it has to be able to stand up and have a character on it. This was hard to implement, because rocks are organic in nature and most rocks don't have flat 90 degree tops and bottoms, so that was something we had to figure out. But, we did what we thought was right and still made some interesting rocks for people to use for their table top games. We will have to send it to the printer this coming week 11/6/2017 and hopefully all goes well with that. Screen shots of the rock below

Rock for table top before flattening the top and bottoms

This is the rock after we flattened the top and bottom. The last image shows what the bottom of the rock looks like.

Thanks for checking out my work!!!