Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sci-fi Environment Artist Personal Piece

Sci-fi Environment Artist Personal Piece

So, for this assignment I want to make a fully fleshed out sci-fi environment for my personal piece. This is something that I would honestly like to work on these next 3 months to make a really good piece. There are 3 concepts that I will be working with that all are in the same environment and I will start with one of the concepts and see how far I get with that and then I plan on doing the second concept and then the third concept.

First concept that I will be working on

Second Concept if I have more time

Third Concept if I have more time after the first two

Right now I plan on the things that I can make modular so that if I do move on to the other two pieces then everything should fit together.

I went and talked to Nick and he said I should breakdown every asset and see what I can make modular and breakdown the whole scene. I went and color coded everything so that I new what I needed and didn't make anything twice.
Color Coded Breakdown

Breakdown of  Assets
If they are scratched out then they were modular for the second and third scene



Friday, August 4, 2017



Marvelous Designer

                So for this semester I choose to use Marvelous Designer for my research project. I was originally making a caravan scene with different barrels and cloth and wood in the scene. I could have started out by sculpting my scene in zbrush, but I decided to use Marvelous Designer. So first I need to do research on the subject. I got tutorials that were really good from that was a basic start to marvelous designer and even an advanced course to teach you more advanced things. So there are two ways you can start in marvelous designer. One is to use a template of a human to start putting close on or you can import your own model into the scene and use that. Also, you could just start with an empty scene, but that doesn’t really help you at all. I started learn the program with the human scene which gives you two views. One with a 3d model that you can rotate around and pan and zoom just like in other 3d packages and the other scene is a 2d view with a grey filled in view of your asset in a orthographic view. I learned how to sow clothes. First you draw out a 2d plane of the clothe that you want to make on your character by using the rectangle tool and then you place it over your model in the 3d view and you sow the edges to make a sleeve. You need to make clothes just how you would make them in real life. So if you were making a t-shirt then the seams would go how they would go in real life. You can also look up how things should be sowed on the internet and actually find how they should be sowed. Once you know where the seams go you have to sow it together. You can use different buttons to sow stuff, but the one I know how to use is the segment sewing button. You basically click on one edge and then click on another edge and it will sow them together. You can also accidentally sow them the wrong way and it will kind of destroy your mesh, but this can be seen in the 3d view, so you will know if you are doing it wrong. From there you go to the 3d side of the screen which is on the left side of the screen while 2d is on the right and you click the Simulate Space button. This will allow you to see how the cloth falls on your model and also you can start pushing and pulling it and then you can make it look better. If you click on the cloth in the 2d view which is on the right a properties editor will also come up on the right and it has many settings that you can mess with to make your mesh better. You can mess with how may polys you want or also tris and you can mess with, elastic, thickness, pressure and a whole bunch of other settings. I messed with elastic on my caravan so that it gave a pulling effect to my cloth. I also messed with the thickness to give some thickness and some pressure to expand the canopy of the caravan to feel like there was wind going through it. I also had to use this feature called Tack on Avatar so that I could put a tack on the cloth and basically tack it onto the wood of the canopy. I also used the edit Tack to mess with any tacks I used that weren’t in the right spot of the mesh. This is how I tacked the canopy to the mesh and don’t forget to simulate and then left click on the cloth you make to pull it in the 3D view so that you can mess with the folds and stuff like that. That is pretty much all I did for my canopy. I’ll leave some images below of shots of things to better understand.

On the left side is the 3d view. Right side is the 2d view. Pan is middle mouse on both 3d and 2d view. Right click rotates in only 3d view. Scroll lets you scroll in and out in both the 3d and 2d view.

This is how you Import a model into the scene. Go to File Import and then whatever file type listed is what you can import.

The rectangle tool is what I used to make the rectangles you see in the images below. Also all the tools in the same palette as the rectangle tool only mess with the 2d view while the ones on the right of the screen mess with the 3d view.

Tack on avatar is the next tool I used and I tacked my fold of the mesh in the 3d view to the model also in the 3d view. Image below is of the tack on avatar feature.

If you highlight your 2d images in the right view it will bring up settings for you to use in the bottom right. The image below shows those settings.

From there it was just click on the 2d plane that you made in the 3d view and kind of just move it to the spot where you want to tack stuff and then start tacking it on to the mesh and then simulate and mess with the settings of elasticity and other things. Elasticity can be found in the image above and Simulate can be found in this image.

Once your done messing with the settings and you feel you are in a good spot. Export the mesh by going to file export. Also don’t forget to click a thickness when exporting or it will be an only one side mesh. And these are the settings that I had for exporting.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

BladeShooter(Part 2)

BladeShooter(Part 2)

Original Concept by RockD

Wireframe Maya Render

Zbrush Sculpts

Substance Painter Bakes

Unreal Engine Renders

Notes for later

Thursday, June 15, 2017

BladeShooter(Personal Project)

So for this assignment, I'm going to be working on a blade shooter gun concept by Rock D. I will also be working on anatomy studies while working on this month long assignment. I still need to figure out with Nick what body parts need to be modeled for the first turn in and what needs to be turned in for the second turn in. For the first week of this assignment for the anatomy studies I will be working on the eye, and for the second week of the studies, I will be working on an ear.

Original Concept

What I have so far

Updated High-Poly

Thanks for checking out my work

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Personal Project Celtic Axe

Celtic Axe

So for this assignment me and a few others had to stop our character and make a prop while doing anatomy studies on the side. Right now I've just been focusing on learning the anatomy before sculpting it and practicing. For this turn in we were supposed to make a prop from start to finish and I choose to do a celtic axe. I know I did a lot of things on this axe the long way, so I'll have to talk to Nick about how he would have approached this assignment tomorrow, but I do think it still looks awesome with what I have done so far.

Reference Image


Celtic Axe Sculpts

Substance Painter Renders

Unreal Engine Shots