Thursday, June 15, 2017

Skeletor(Personal Project)

So for this assignment, I'm going to be working on a toy like skeletor concept by Samuel Suarez. I will also be working on anatomy studies while working on this month long assignment. I still need to figure out with Nick what body parts need to be modeled for the first turn in and what needs to be turned in for the second turn in. For the first week of this assignment for the anatomy studies I will be working on the eye, and for the second week of the studies, I will be working on an ear.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Personal Project Celtic Axe

Celtic Axe

So for this assignment me and a few others had to stop our character and make a prop while doing anatomy studies on the side. Right now I've just been focusing on learning the anatomy before sculpting it and practicing. For this turn in we were supposed to make a prop from start to finish and I choose to do a celtic axe. I know I did a lot of things on this axe the long way, so I'll have to talk to Nick about how he would have approached this assignment tomorrow, but I do think it still looks awesome with what I have done so far.

Reference Image


Celtic Axe Sculpts

Substance Painter Renders

Unreal Engine Shots


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Portfolio 01: Mid Check

Portfolio 01: Mid Check

So for my portfolio check in I've talked with Nick and I wanted to learn the anatomy of a female, so for my first assignment I am making the anatomy of the female that I will later use for a viking female warrior that I want to make. For this turn in I want to have everything from the neck down to be in a very good state, so that I can have critiques on it and then fix what needs to be fixed and then work on the face and retopo for the Final check in for this assignment. So Mid Check is from the Neck down should be mostly complete and for Final Check in Base Mesh done and Retopo'd. I don't want to texture it though, because I will be doing that part for the viking warrior.

This assignment has been extremely hard for me getting the female anatomy right lol. I've been following tutorials on Digital Tutors and also reading my Anatomy for Artists book to help me figure things out, but it is still really complicated and took a lot more time than I thought, but I do understand a lot more things to look for in females compared to males. I left some shots below of my reference and what I have at the time of this post, but I plan on working on it more up until class time. Fingers and feet are stupid hard holy...

What I have so far at the time of this post, but I plan on updating the fingers, legs, and feet. Pretty happy with how the torso and back came out and also the arms, but they still need work.


Monday, April 17, 2017

Personal Project Part 3

Personal Project Part 3

So for this turn in we were supposed to completely finish our sculpt and I'm pretty happy with were I am. There is a bunch that I'm still confused about and didn't know what to do, so I'm going to need more help on that because I'm not able to really read some of the finer details from the concept. I'm happy were I am though and lots of people say its looking pretty cool, but I know I need to push it even more and make it look freaking crazy awesome. I want this to go on my portfolio and people to say it looks awesome. Images below.

Screenshots Zbrush

Monday, April 10, 2017

Personal Piece Part 1

Personal Project Part2

For this assignment we were supposed to block in our major shapes. I think I got most of the shapes I wanted from the concept. This was a really hard assignment because I don't know anatomy and I was studying it from different references and trying to turn that anatomy reference into this beast guy that is crazy swole. It also was a lot of fun just because I got to sculpt the whole time doing the project and sculpting seems to be the most fun stuff now. I'm pretty happy with what I have and I started over a few times, but he is in a pretty good place right now and Ill be able to push that even more in the upcoming weeks.

Started from Zspheres

What I ended with


Thursday, April 6, 2017

Personal Piece Part 1

Personal Piece Part 1

For this assignment I really want to push myself since now I am trying to be a character artist whoop whoop!! I decided to do this awesome looking concept I found on artstation by zhou he It has a lot of stuff going on and I know it is going to be very challenging and that is why I choose it. It has a lot of anatomy and other hard surface bones and skulls and stuff that looks real cool. The first two weeks I'm going to work on sculpting. The first week I'm going to try and block in all of the shapes even if they are real simple and then the second week I'm going to really try and finish all the really heavy details and things like that. The third week I will spend time retopoing and baking and the 4th week I will texture. My reference image