Monday, March 20, 2017

3D Class S2 Class 09 Environment Project

3D Class S2 Class 09 Environment Project

For this part of the assignment we were assigned to make a part of a scene for vr and have it look like job simulator. I wanted to try and make something cool so I got an image of something I like and I'm going to try and recreate a small bit of it on a smaller scale. Right now I'm trying to recreate on a smaller scale Alexandre Christmann's Post-Apo Environment. I'll leave an image of it done at the bottom of the post. There is still a lot more I need to do with my scene right now, but I feel like it is in an alright place to start to get the ball rolling. I also need to talk to Nick and get some critique from him.

Alexandre Christmanns reference image

What I have so far

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