Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2D Week 13: Group Project Concept Round (Final Color) - Team Tinman

2D Week 13: Group Project Concept Round (Final Color) - Team Tinman

This week I cleaned up the tree face to be better looking after talking over with Will. He gave me some concept images to go off of to make the face tree look even better. I was also tasked with cleaning up the house and making it out of planks and I am still working on that task, but will post screenshots of the progress so far. For the face tree I went into Zbrush and sculpted out somemore limbs facing in different directions and also sculpted the face more and overall I think it looks way better than prior weeks. For the house I started making individual planks for the house and then started adding shingles. I also added a heart shape to the roof of the house. 

This is the face tree that I did, but we ended up changing it later on to look way better.

This is the updated face tree after I got somemore sketches from Will which really improved the tree all together. Shout out to Will for the awesome draw overs!!

Here are some screenshots of the house right now. Just a few minor changes to it, but it will get finished.

House in maya

House in Unreal

Monday, November 28, 2016

3D Class Week 14 Creating An Environment Part 02 (Landscape Tool and Custom Rock Set)

3D Class Week 14 Creating An Environment Part 02 (Landscape Tool and Custom Rock Set)

For this assignment we had to make a rock set with a large, medium, and small set of rocks. We then were tasked with sculpting the landscape with the terrain tool and making a scene with a few of our classmates textures. This assignment I had a bunch of issues baking rock textures for some reason and even had to do a rock over because I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. Images below.

Images of all my rocks Decimated in Zbrush

Sculpted Rocks from small to large

Smoothing Normals in maya and showing topology and uvs

Baked Normals and Textured in Substance Painter

Meshes in Unreal Engine

 Corrupted bake that I couldn't figure out how to fix

Textures I used from Chelsea Ziu, Matthew Trupiano, Francisco Remero, and my own texture in that order

Material Screenshot
Final Screenshots

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

2D Week 13: Group Project Concept Round (Value Pass 02)

2D Week 13: Group Project Concept Round (Value Pass 02) - Team Tinman

For this week I did a bunch of improvements from Nicks critiques last week. I was told to make the nose more defined on the tree, so I took the mesh into Zbrush and sculpted out a better nose for the tree. Also, my team wanted me to make some more roots for the tree so I added more of those also. I also added arms to the tree for Boo because she wanted some arms to do a cool animation for them sometime in the future. I was also told to clean up my house geometry which I did and it looks a lot better now, but there are still some things I need to fix on it. I was tasked with making the roof darker than the bottom of the house, so I took the house into maya and added another material set to just the roof so that it could be darker than the bottom of the house. Shout out to Leah for making the materials darker in engine. I also moved the windows down on the house becuase previously they were to high up on the house. I also made the pipe on the house bigger and gave it a more Tim Burton like style to it along with the oil can. Things that I didn't get to yet were adding shutter window things to the windows, adding a different material to the door of the house, and adding a heart shape to the top of the roof of the house, but I will definitely have those done for next week.

Monday, November 21, 2016

3D Class Week 13 Creating An Environment Part 01

3D Class Week 13 Creating An Environment Part 01

This week we were assigned to make tilling textures in Zbrush and then texture them in substance and finally put them into unreal. This was a pretty big challenge because it was our first time sculpting things for the environment. For my first sculpt I wanted to try and make something that I could use for my Tinman house for our Tim Burton Wizard of Oz project. I decided to make wood planks and they didn't turn out as good as I would like. I'll definitely have to go back and work on them more. For my second peice I made rocks on a beach with water. They turned out pretty good I think. I really like how they turned out. Screenshots below.

First we started by making a mesh in maya that could be brought into Zbrush and sculpted on that would end up Tiling.

Here is the sculpt of the wood I ended up doing in Zbrush. I tried to dig in more than I usually do because I'm sculpting to light right now, so thats something I will have to keep working on.

After sculpting I decimated the mesh and took the high poly mesh and low poly mesh and took them into substance painter to bake textures and add a Tim Burton style to the wood.

I had some trouble getting it to tile in maya even though I'm pretty sure I did everything in the videos. This is what the mesh looked like tiling in maya.

ScreenShot of tiling texture in Unreal

Next I made stones in water. I tried to not make them too wet looking, but they seem to always shine through somehow. Here is the sculpt of the rocks.

I then decimated the mesh like I did with the first model and brought it into maya to make sure that it was tiling right. This time I had no issues with the tiling process.

After this I took the mesh into substance to bake the high res onto the low res and then textured it. It started to look like clay when I was texturing it and I thought it looked cool, so I kept it that way.

Last I brought it into unreal and then made sure that it tiled and added the material and textures to it.

This assignment took me over 10 hours and I feel like the second sculpt I did turned out way better than my first...